"Catheti" in Ivory

"Catheti" in Ivory

Enhance the beauty and enjoyment of your home or business with artistically created, fully customizable wallpapers and murals tailored specifically to your needs.

Here at Peninsula Papers, we love beautiful interiors and work to breathe inspiration back into your walls.  We design our patterns using traditional methods of mark making to create our signature look that honors history and craft and helps our designs stand apart from others.

All of our wallpapers are printed within North America. We work with a number of cutting-edge printers who help us achieve our goal of offering our clients a wide range of materials that include ecologically sustainable, removable, and washable wallpapers that solve common wall covering problems. 


Every space requires a different type of paper- we get that. That is why we have searched far and wide for the best types of papers to offer our clients.  This is what we found.

Type I:

This is  Fabric Backed Vinyl. It is a non-woven wall covering that is smooth in texture and weighs 15 oz/linear yard and come in a 52" width. The ink is UV protected with 20-year indoor fade resistance. A very good looking choice for all indoor applications.

Type III: 

Repositionable Wallpaper for a frequent mover.Just peel the back and stick on. This one is made of 40-45% Polyester, 20-45% Pulp Cellulose. The back is coated  with Phthalates-free low tack adhesive. Formaldehyde free and recyclable.  Its a touch translucent so it can be back lit or placed over glass.

Type II: 

This is our artist quality canvas and bit of a favourite. The material is a premium woven poly/cotton blend, and has a beautiful traditional woven canvas texture. It weighs 9 oz/lineal yard and comes in a 52” panel widths. The  ink is UV protected with 20-year indoor fade resistance. So beautiful. 

 Type IV:

The Green Choice. This one most resembles traditional wallpaper in the way it looks and feels. It is made from the remaining pulp from FSC certified forests, and contains 10% post consumer waste. PVC and VOC free material and ink. Its versatile, classic and lovely.


For the most beautiful and flawless results is always best to leave paper hanging to the professionals.  We can point you in the direction of a reputable paper hanger, and can also take care of your wall prep-work.  

If you're a keen do-it-yourself-er, we recommend you ask a friend to lend you a hand. Please don't hesitate to get in touch if you need instructions. We'll be happy to give you some tips to guide you through the installation process.


All of our wallpapers may be cleaned with mild soap and water.  It is recommended that cleaning be done with a soft sponge. Dry the surface with a soft, lint-free cloth or towel with a gentle blotting action.

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